Studying Science and Technology in Latin America: Beyond Imported Magic

August 24-25, 2012
Indiana University, Bloomington


Paper contributors will travel from the United States, Latin America, and Europe to Indiana University, Bloomington. The dates for the workshop are August 24–25, 2012. All papers will be circulated before the conference and posted to a password-restricted website.

The first day of the workshop will feature four public lectures from high-profile speakers (“luminaries”) who are conducting cutting-edge research on the study of science and technology in Latin America. Each luminary will deliver a paper on one of four workshop subthemes: framing science and technology in Latin America; studying science; adaptation and local innovation; and publics and policy. At the conclusion of the first day, all invited workshop participants will be invited to give a 3 minute lightning talk. This will allow the public to see the breadth of research present at the workshop (and perhaps approach a workshop participant with a similar research interest). It will also help the participants identify one another and connect faces to papers.

The second day of the workshop will be restricted to invited workshop participants and campus participants who confirmed their participation in advance and have been given access to the pre-circulated papers. The workshop organizers will assign the pre-circulated workshop papers to one of the four aforementioned themes. These themes will form the basis for four break-out groups. Each luminary will be charged with leading the break-out group on his/her subtheme and will have been asked to prepare, in advance, written comments for each paper in the group. In addition, all members of each break-out group will have the group’s papers in advance and will be prepared to provide detailed feedback. All papers in the group will be discussed in turn. This format will allow workshop participants to receive two forms of peer review: oral comments from group members, and oral and written comments from a senior scholar. It will also provide a smaller and more personal environment for discussion and allow Indiana University participants to select the subtheme of greatest interest to them. Four Indiana University graduate students will serve as note takers and will provide copies of the notes to group participants.


Workshop participants should contact Irasema Rivera ( or Michele Dompke ( to make travel arrangements.

Most workshop participants will arrive at the Indianapolis Airport (IND). After you get your luggage go directly to the ground transportation center, outside and across from the baggage claim areas. Once you are in the ground transportation center, look for the signs that say Classic Touch Limousine. You will staying in the Biddle Hotel at the Indiana Memorial Union. The hotel is located in the heart of campus within walking distance of downtown. You can purchase food in the Indiana Memorial Union and there is a Starbucks coffee shop on the top floor. If you wish to see some of town before the workshop starts, there are a number of restaurants on 4th street and 5th street and Bloomington has a lively local music scene. You will be arriving on campus during the first week of classes -- there will be a lot going on. Check out for more information.

The first day of the workshop will take place in the Indiana Memorial Union. The second day of the workshop will take place in the School of Informatics and Computing (901 E. 10th Street), which is a short five minute walk from the union [campus map].