Studying Science and Technology in Latin America: Beyond Imported Magic

August 24-25, 2012
Indiana University, Bloomington

Publics and policy

STS scholarship in Latin America is strongly connected to the study and development of science and technology policy. Papers in this session explore how science and technology infiltrate public policy in a wide variety of ways that impact day-to-day life. This includes the construction of scientific expertise, the ways science and technology policies change in different national settings, and the power relations embedded in policymaking. They also ask how STS research can inform and improve policymaking in Latin America and advance goals such as social justice.

Breakout session leader: David Hess


Manuel Tironi (Chile) and Javiera Barandiaran (USA), "Neoliberalism as Political Technology: Expertise, Energy and Democracy in Chile"

Mariano Fressoli (Argentina), Rafael Dias (Brazil), and Hernán Thomas (Argentina), "Innovation and Inclusive Development in the South: A Critical Perspective"

Ana Delgado (Norway) and Israel Rodriguez-Giralt (Spain), "Interfering topologies: a conflict on biodiversity and ownership in the South of Brazil"

Dominique Vinck (Switzerland), Noela Invernizzi (Brazil), Matthieu Hubert (Argentina), "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: How has an Emerging Area on the Scientific Agenda of the Core Countries been Adopted and Transformed in Latin America?"

Workshop participants can access papers using their login and password on the Papers link. Revised papers must be submitted to the workshop organizers prior to August 1, 2012.